Polar Destinations

Fly to Antarctica Direct

Full Excursion 12 day trip -  8 to 10 days in Antarctica(Now booking for 2017 - 2019)


oasis_dinner2An extraordinary, once in a life time opportunity to experience so much of Antarctica for yourself, an activity packed trip to the driest coldest place on Earth.

Fly to Antarctica direct where you will stay at a research station.

No skiing or cold weather training required, all transport by special 4*4's.

Of course if you want to bring cross country ski's or even your bicycle you are more than welcome to.

Before we fly south you will stay in Cape Town at the luxury Commodore Hotel on the Waterfront while we wait for our flight.

While we wait for or flight to Antarctica  also excursions will be planned, including Kirstenbosch Gardens known as the most beautiful gardens  in Africa.

Fly out from Cape Town to Novo Antarctica 5.5 hour flightimg_2596
Transfer from Novo to Oasis by 4*4
Stay in heated wooden chalets at Oasis (Antarctica)
Full board and lodging

Included Additional Flights & Excursions

• Flight to Holtana Peak 2,600 m (4 Hour Trip)
Holtana Peak at 2,600 m or 8,700 feet is a mountain peak that juts out from the surrounding glacier, named in Norwegian Holtana (Hollow Tooth)

• Flight to Lake Untersee ( 4 Hour Trip)
Lake Untersee is one of the most amazing places in Antactica and one of the worlds most extraordinary lakes.
Cut off for at least 100,000 years by an ice cover the conditions in the lake are believed to represent similar conditions to Europa the icy moon of Jupiter and may therefore give us some idea of the chances of life on such moons. There is currently a group of scientists stationed there each summer to study the lake, we will be meeting them.

• Flight to Emperor Penguin Colony ( Day Trip)
Emperor Penguins grow to 123 cm or 48 Inches tall and weigh up to 45 kg the largest of all penguin species the penguins live all their lives in Antarctica braving the winter weather. We will be flying out to the Colony where you can walk among the penguins.

Additional activities
Visit ice caves & tunnels
Ski in Antarctica
Drive 4*4 over ice shelf
Have a sauna at the wooden sauna house in Oasis.
Guided tour of an Antarctic research base
Unique experience, so much to do & see in between enjoy the stunning reality that is Antarctica.

Please ask for pricing as we can accommodate  bespoke elements for individual groups.
€63,500  for full trip  
€34,000 for stay at Oasis without extra Antarctic flights to the three above destinations