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Fly to Antarctica Direct



Arriving at NovoQ/ What kind of Aircraft will we fly in ?

A/ From Cape Town to Antarctica we will take the Ilyushin 76TD – This Russian designed, heavy cargo transporter, services the fight between Cape Town International Airport and the Novo ice-runway. Occasionally use is made of a different type of aircraft such as the Hercules C130, Boeing 727, Gulfstream.

For internal Antarctic flights we will be using Basler Turbo 67 - This is an upgraded DC3 which is img_0740specially equipped for ice operations and capable of carrying 18 passengers and some cargo up to a total weight of 3,000kg payload.

All passengers are expected to attend the pre-flight briefing, which generally takes place the day before or on the day of departure (but this may vary). Passengers will be informed timeously of any changes to the scheduled pre-flight briefing.


Q/ Will we have to ski ?

A/ No you will be taken everywhere by either plane or 4*4



Q/ Will we get individual rooms ?

A/ We will do our best, please enquire and we will do our best to accommodate, remember however this is the most extreme environment on earth, most people have to camp in tents here, you will not have to do that !



Q/ Will we have to cook ?

A/ No our hosts who are really lovely will cook all our meals


If anyone has any other questions please email them from our contacts page and we will answer.